Need a New Finance and ERP System?

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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

We are not saying that Business Central is the right answer for every situation. But it does provide an excellent ERP system for most small to mid (and even many larger) sized businesses.

Let's look at what it's got going for it…
  1. You may have already made an investment in Microsoft products such as Office. Dynamics 365 and Business Central will thus easily fit right in and be inherently more familiar to your users.
  2. Most of our clients have between 5-50 users. If you have been used to Xero or MYOB for your financials and now have orders, production and data flowing between more than a few users. You will benefit from having a "single source of truth" in terms of your data and being able to workflow this across your team. Business Central, correctly implemented, will thus very likely save you money by making you more efficient.
  3. It's not just financials - even though it has the capability to manage all the financial management requirements you are likely to ever need. It also has Sales, CRM, Supply Chain and Stock management, Operations Management, Project and Job Costing, and Reporting - all built in.
  4. If you need anything else there are currently 10 more modules within the Dynamics 365 family which can extend your system (see our page on D365). It also closely integrates with Microsoft Office, especially Outlook and Excel.
  5. We, as an accredited Microsoft Dynamics partner have the ability to add customisations and development modules to your system. This is useful for integrating Dynamics 365 with other systems and also ensuring tight mapping to how you want to work. Extra fields, workflow and integrations can all be added by your Modulate Consultant.
  6. The Dynamics 365 product set gets 2 major updates each year. The last few years have seen the addition of significant new features and these are all available as part of your license and support plan at no additional cost.
  7. Last and by no means least. Its very cost effective. On subscription, you can increase (and decrease) your users and hence license costs at will. It can be implemented fairly quickly without drama. And, you can grow into using all its features as you progress.

Have a look. We think you will be impressed.

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