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About Modulate

Modulate can be defined in terms of both musical and electronic contexts. But more broadly, it's basically about changing from one form or condition to another. This is a metaphor for how we help our clients.

Our aim is to change and improve our clients. We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software to change our clients businesses for the better. We do this through the insights and experience of our consultants in the setup, configuring, tailoring and developing of customisations that deliver better business advantage.

We are a small team of 6, all based in Auckland, and we are completely focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central. We regard ourselves as specialists and we have strong history of making Business Central really work for our clients.
Some of our clients have us do their first implementation. Others, have come from other Partners and we have modified their Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems to give them better efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you already have a Business Central or NAV system, or are coming from another vendor. We have a skilled and experienced team for both, implementing and supporting you. We are staffed by people used to working with Business Central and its predecessor NAV. And, we have done implementations and supported clients in many industry sectors both here in New Zealand, and in Australia.

If you are new to the Business Central family or are needing a new ERP system. Why not let us walk you though our Discovery Workshop package. Click the button below for more details.

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