StandardCertified Partner 2021

LS Retail

LS Retail combines the power of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central software and LS Retail to provide a complete Front-to-Back Retail POS and Financials system.

The retail industry is tough, fast-moving and extremely competitive. From multi-channel presence to complex inventory to enhanced customer service, retailers face an increasing number of challenges in their day-to-day operations.

Managing a multi-channel operation is hard – it becomes even harder when too many IT systems are in place to handle the different sides of the business. Different platforms often cannot communicate properly, creating inconsistent data, wasting time and uncontrolled costs.

LS Retail with Business Central provides a scalable solution to manage the complex operational requirements of organisations within such diverse areas as: fashion, electronics, furniture, liquor-trade, restaurants, hotels and many more.

Exceeding your expectations of what a Point of Sale solution can do for you

LS Retail is a proven solution with a reliable reputation and loyal customers in fact it’s used by over 80,000+ stores, retail chains, pharmacies and fuel stations across the world. With the addition of LS Insights and Power BI Dashboards. Previously disjointed businesses can access the data and the intelligence to be more efficient with their supply chain and better understand what their customers want and how to deliver that experience.

It's not just the software. Modulate has the experience to implement LS Retail to deliver both efficiency and effectiveness. Ensuring the systems is setup and configured properly takes the knowledge and skill that our Consultants have.

About LS Retail

Because LS Retail is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central it is about as future-proofed as any modern solution can be. So, as your business grows, your system has the infrastructure to expand and evolve, enabling you work smarter and accommodate the changing needs of your customers. A more lightweight solution simply can’t scale up and work smarter like LS Retail can. We’ve seen this time again where businesses originally decided to implement stand-alone or dedicated POS systems. We had one client who went through 4 such systems before settling non an integrated LS Retail solution with Business Central.

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