Discovery Workshop

The Business Central Discovery Workshop

Sadly, IT projects have had, and in many cases still have, a reputation for exceeding costs and for not delivering all the forecasted improvements that they were originally taken on for.

Our Discovery Workshop is designed to allay these fears and introduce more rigour and accountability for; "delivering exactly what it says on the tin". The Workshop consists of a short paid consultancy exercise with the explicit purpose of determining the fit, costs and outline benefits to the client from adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The aim of the exercise is to provide the client with a report that outlines; a costed and scoped project addressing their key requirements for a system based around Business Central. As part of this, our Consultants will work a set of goals/objectives for a potential implementation with your Client Representative(s) and frame the overall exercise around these goals.

As every client is different, the exact scope of the exercise will be individually crafted to each set of circumstances. So it will be custom, and particular, to your needs and situation. The exercise is also there to uncover information that may currently not readily available for you, or apparent, and to inform the business case. After all - you don't know what you don't know. Our aim is also to uncover and highlight how you can make efficiency and effectiveness improvements to your business from applying Dynamics 365 Business Central and thus provide a control document to manage any implementation and to ensure the final project delivers what you expect.

Please do contact us further if you are interested in Dynamics 365 Business Central and would like to really understand, both what it can do for you and exactly what the likely costs will be. That is what our Discovery Workshop 'says on the tin…'

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